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I have tried multiple e-cigs within the last year. I started out by buying the Juul, the price to buy the starter kit was 53 dollars. it came with the juul, 4 various cartridges and the charger. the pods were small, and for a 4 pac of your choice flavor was 20 dollars a set. which was reasonable. I was not pleased with how long the pods would last. so then I kept getting coupons to try the Markten ecig for a $1.00 I have purchase a quite a few to stock up on them. I did not like them after awhile but i kept using them cause I smoke cigarettes ouside and use the ecig inside the house. so i wasnt going to have them go to waste. The flavor didnt last long while the battery charge did, i was not pleased with this one, so recently I got a email to try the Vuse ecig, I had the option to try the Circo or the Solo kit for $2.00 with free shipping. I ended up getting the Circo with the Mint flavor. It came with the device, 3 cartridges. and the usb charger. There were some down falls as the cartridges didnt last long, I went through one in a day. The plus side is the Mint had a nice crisp taste, it wasnt a stale taste.Ā  I didnt take long to charge. The cartridges are reasonable price in stores. I have to admit so far in my opinion the Vuse is my favorite so far. I am always in the lookout to trying new ecigs as they come out for a discounted or free in the future

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Coming soon a different kind of review

I am going to be reviewing on my site the different E Cigs that I purchased and going to compare, A inexpensive E Cig Markten compared to the new Juul e vapor cig. hope to show the pros and cons to each

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Today’s Mail Day

I love getting mail, my mail day is typically 7 days a week. Being a Amazon Prime member I get mail on Sundays. I been reviewing for a long time, I had to quit for a little bit as my husband has been not doing so well, and being a mom of 3 girls ages 3 to 11, With school being out I was primarily focusing on my kids and family, no matter how much love reviewing my family will always come first. But today was a huge mail day for me, I feel bad for the mail lady as I had to push my door open as she stacked all the packages right in front of my door. But here is what we got today, mind you all this was either free or at a discount rate also, I dont have to write a review but I will do so on my experiences with the products

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My mail day the past 3 days and more to come in the next couple days

Here are a group of pictures that will be coming to Reviewer2theheart , these products that companies have sent me, they told me review not required but would like to have some feedback on how I liked the products hope you look forward to read these as much as I have done them šŸ˜€

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Mattel Octonats Midnight Zone Pictures

Here are the pictures for the Octonauts Midnight Zone Playset the Review will come in the next week as My little one plays with it more

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Mattel Play, Rate and Review Program

Stay tune to Reviews and Much More… I am part of a lucky set of members to be part of Mattel’s Play, Rate and Review Program. My 3 year old will be receiving Barbie and pups deliver, and the Octnauts Midnight Zone Playset. Will be posting here pictures when the products arrive and where you can purchase them

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I just got some emails and messages on Facebook, New Products will be heading here, I can’t wait to share the new products, Will also have Aduly Products too


How Reviewing has been changing

I have been reviewing a little over 8 years, I remember where you didn’t have to pay anything to get a product to let you test and keep. Amazon decided I guess that it isn’t a great idea anymore to post when you review on their site that you got it for free, which in a way I think it could be good or bad if the product you purchased at a discount ended up being horrible. Now some review companies have where you can purchase the products at a discount and it is your choice if you want to write a review which I do anyway but if they want you to post on Amazon make sure you do not mention you got it either free or a discount. Ā There is also another way companies want you to review their products is you spend the money , send them your review or order number and they refund you your money back on PayPal. I been hearing this is causing PayPal to close people accounts. Now I am not sure how everything has been falling to pieces lately. I am just greatful I still review and follow the rules of this success. Also, I don’t know which company it is I gave them my information, such as name , address, amazon profile and my webpage link, and lately my mailbox has been getting loaded with amazing products that come from different address to review. So, if this company is reading my posts thank you for the opportunity to review for your company. If you would like to know a few companies that have discount products where you dont have to leave a review but they wont pay you back for the purchases you can take a look at these sites.


If you know anymore feel free to respond to this post and I would love to take a look. I just got into the amzvine program which I like a lot , no matter how much the prices of the products are , once you get them you have up to 20 days to review turn them in and within 2-3 days they will refund you in your PayPal account. Good luck and happy hunting with reviews.

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Newest post

Here is my newest post. We have been having tough time but finally able to start posting. We are going to post more I promise waiting on stuff I purchased on Amazon full price to review so stay tune for that. šŸ˜€

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I am back!!!

Sorry it has been awhile, Ā My husband and kids health has been not to good and I been stressed taking care of them as I have 3 kids ages 3 and 2 10 year olds. So I had to take time off of reviewing. But I am back and ready to work.



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