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Thank you to tomoson and TV for the Crayola video review, this will be a busy week of reviewers and more are on there way to c come in the mail

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Stay tune

I am a bit behind getting my 2 girls ready to start school. But the next 2 days will be full of nothing but reviews as I just got added 3 more offers

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Free Young Americans for Liberty Kit – College Students

If your a college student then this is for you to become a advocate, Take a look at the site below. Deadline is August 15th 2014 at 11:59pm. I did some searching and came across this and thought maybe you college kids can make a difference.

Philosophy of Liberty and Join YAL palm cards
Custom YAL pocket Constitutions
Books, like Bastiat’s The Law and Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom
Magazines, like Reason, The Freeman, and The American Conservative
Pamphlets like I, Pencil and Great Myths of the Great Depression
DVD copy of For Liberty and I, Pencil
Sidewalk chalk, sign-up sheets w/clipboards and custom YAL pens
Buttons, stickers, bottle openers, and other swag for your members
FIRE’s “Guide to Free Speech on Campus”
Internship and job opportunities from pro-liberty organizations
And much more! The box is packed!

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Looking forward to the following

I was just accepted into the crowdtap skin-mate shaving gel campaign

I was also accepted to test a clear phone case for the Galaxy S5

Smiley360 invited me and accepted me into the build a bear campaign, which they are sending me a 40 dollar gc to use to make towards a Superhero, My Little Pony® or Disney® Princess Palace Pet

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Stay Tune for these awesome products I am trying out


I was chosen by Modern Mom to test the Sheer cover mineral make-up collection


I was chosen by a company to review and test this awesome ear thermometer, as being a mom of a 2 month old and I hate rectal temperature thermometer. I can’t wait to try this out and give my opinon


I am also reviewing this anti ranging serum. I hit the 30 year old mark and getting older 😀 lol

tree tea oil

This can be used for just about anything , health and beauty to everyday cleaning .

I have a busy schedule, just waiting for the mail to drop them off

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TrackR Bravo

They are giving away a TrackR Bravo, If you the type that you always lose things then this is for you, you hook it up to the App and it will help you track your belongings,

Follow this link to claim yours and if you sign up and refer friends they give you 2 in your pack

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Gecko Monitoring Software Review + Giveaway

Stay tune for this, Super excited to try it out, As a mother my children use my laptop and I am very curious what has been downloaded and what sites they go to , Even my husband and myself when we check to see what sites have been used I am thrilled to be hosting a give away and a copy for myself

We will provide one review copy and ten giveaway copies of Gecko Monitor. We will provide you license keys for the product, which can be downloaded from our website.

Gecko Monitor is the complete solution to monitoring everything that happens on your
computer while you’re away. Perfect for parents who want to monitor their childs
computer or bosses who want to monitor their employees computers – Gecko Monitor
has everything you’ll need to give you peace of mind!

Combining powerful monitoring tools and stealth, Gecko Monitor has a number of great
features including the ability to monitor every website visited, every program used and
every keystroke pressed – as well as taking screenshots of everything that happens on screen.

The more advanced features of Gecko Monitor make this software the most advanced, all
in one, computer monitoring solution on the market, why not download our free trial and
see for yourself?

Takes screenshots of all windows & websites.
Logs every application used and tells you when it was used.
Logs every website visited and tells you when it was visited.
Reports what was typed into every application & website.
Monitors all printed documents, including times printed.
Emails reports to you remotely & secretly, at times set by you.
Innovative timeline feature – an easy to understand timeline of events.
Monitors all file activity, including saved, opened & deleted files.
Does all of this completely hidden, un-hides with a secret key combo

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Smiley Community

Check out this great community, You get to say whats on your mind and even get invited to campaigns that you get to try free products. Plus you earn points the more points you earn the better chances on moving on up in levels and more product chances.

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My baby girl smiling

One of the most precious things in the world besides my husband and reviewing are my children. Here is my newest baby at 7 weeks, she is very advanced for her age. I love being a wife and a mother. Nothing better in the world can compare. Lately I have been getting a few more request accepting me into reviewing products so stay tune for that. ArcSoft_Image64

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