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Stressful week

Sorry about the lack of posting I been on here. Hubby is getting ready to haveĀ knee replacement so I am trying to get the house in order for that, Just moved the baby’s crib and rocking chair in our room so its easier for me to get up and check on her instead of her waking up the 2 older kids who go to school they are 7 and 8 and if they dont get their sleep they are a nightmare. I am hoping to get all the reviews needed to be done by Sunday is my goal. I am working on a few as we speak but some of them are put at at the moment due to the kids like to look but with their hands so I tried to do it while they are away or sleeping. I have things in order and if they pick something up and its not what is supposed to be next I am a nut case lol. But this is what I am working on and hoping to publish it in the next few days :D.. Those on the road for Thanksgiving Have a happy turkey day and pure blessing to be with your family good times or not.

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Pretty sad !!

I think its pretty sad this world today sometimes. When you have to lock up everything now days, I remember being little as I am 30 now , but growing up we never had to lock our doors or lock up belongings. It recently hit me today, I was going through my things this morning and was writing a list of stuff I had for Xmas gifts, and I looked everywhere in my room, and I can’t find the One Direction Make-up kit I had gotten to give as a X-mas present. It is nowhere in site and nowhere in my room. Somebody had the nerve to take away from my kids. I do a lot of these reviews and if its a children’s item or I am not sure if I am going to be using it, I will give it as a gift. Well I am now out of One Direction Make-up kit. You are probably saying well you got it for free what’s the big deal. The big deal is that if your a Product Reviewer like me, its not really free you take time out of your day to review the product and write a honest review on it. So, Its pathetic that people can come in your home and take like that. Has this happened to anyone before??

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Today’s Mail Day


Got my Breast Cancer Awareness shirt from a contest
Hubby’s bzz kit Charmin toilet paper
SOA Harley Sticker šŸ˜€

Happy day here

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Check out these reviews!!!!!

Staye tune for more

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Stay tune for these reviews as well

SAM_0362 SAM_0363

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Stay tune for this amazing product


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