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Pretty sad !!

on November 18, 2014

I think its pretty sad this world today sometimes. When you have to lock up everything now days, I remember being little as I am 30 now , but growing up we never had to lock our doors or lock up belongings. It recently hit me today, I was going through my things this morning and was writing a list of stuff I had for Xmas gifts, and I looked everywhere in my room, and I can’t find the One Direction Make-up kit I had gotten to give as a X-mas present. It is nowhere in site and nowhere in my room. Somebody had the nerve to take away from my kids. I do a lot of these reviews and if its a children’s item or I am not sure if I am going to be using it, I will give it as a gift. Well I am now out of One Direction Make-up kit. You are probably saying well you got it for free what’s the big deal. The big deal is that if your a Product Reviewer like me, its not really free you take time out of your day to review the product and write a honest review on it. So, Its pathetic that people can come in your home and take like that. Has this happened to anyone before??


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