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Product reviews

Going to be a great reviewing week, super excited


Here are the 2 products a company is sending me to recview

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Snuggle Den

New community I got into . Please click to help with more missions šŸ˜€

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More reviews

IĀ am a house party member I got into this house party for the rowenta Hair straightner, cant wait for a girls night of fun, food , and cocktails šŸ˜€download


I am also waiting on the following items to review


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Reviews that will be posting today







These are the reviews that will be posting today, Stay tune




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School Supplies help

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My Show my DisneySide kit came

Look at all the goodies to host a sofia the first party for my little princess, everything you see in the pictures came in the box, the box says 20lbs but we weighed it on our package scale it came out to 25lbs full of goodies. take a look at the awesomeness for this spectacular party.!!





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Disney Side

I been chosen to host a disney side , my theme is preschool princess party will be posting pictures and the party favors and the party!!!!!

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upcoming reviews

I am sorry I havent been updating my site, but we ran into a lot of family come first priorites. My 6 month old had the flu before xmas, right after xmas my 7 year old had severe absessed tooth and she has a gentic condition which all her teeth dental work has to be done at the hospital but she ended up needing it emegency so that was 5 days in the hospital, day before her surgery we were in a really bad car accident luckily god was watching over us or we would not be here, my 7 year old was not in the car but my 7 month and 8 year old was. But these are the reviews that are upcoming



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