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Got these to review in the mail UPS





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keep a lookout for these following reviews



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Mail day today

IMG_20150221_150533 IMG_20150221_150527 IMG_20150221_150518

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more reviews upcoming

These reviews that i am going to be reviewing on here 1 was a gift and that is the roku 3 wireless edition IMG_20150219_220252

The next one I will be reviewing is the duracell computer charger. Fedex dropped it off and i habe no idea where it came from but I am thrilled to test it out

Stay tune for these along with the last few I have left

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Hoping for so good news

4 companies sent me a message asking me why I should get picked to review a few items and I sent them a really nice detailed message back, Hopefully I get chosen for at least 2 of them. I am not saying from where do to the fact they asked me not to mention their names. Please pray and have faith in their decision

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New upcoming products

Stay tune for these up coming products I have been accepted to do!





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Mail today and yesterday :D

I had a great mail day yesterday and today!

Yesterday I got a $50 dollar check from a study I am in , and this amazing license plate holder


I got this from signing up with the liquidation channel

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My mail day today!!~

Look for these 3 amazing bluetooth electronics to review super excited, just tried out the headphones and they are awesome,
I also got a mr.sketch marker from PinchMeIMG_20150213_154119




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Love being A Chick Fil A Mom

I am apart of a group through momselect called Chick Fil A mom’s group, it is a great group to be apart of, They send out really cool stuff throughout the year and they don’t even tell you when something is in the mail. Today I got a Valentines Day card with a free card to get a free 3 count chick minis šŸ˜€ArcSoft_Image15



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Well some positive news has came along

The company that sent the package to my old address emailed me offering me to review the 2 items plus a bluetooth shower speaker. I am still reviewing items as I am posting them all at once, My husband is going to review the rollerball proglide and shaving cream for sensitive skin. He is also going to put review on for Axe white Out spray from a Walmart freebie, I also revieved the dove dry spray from the walmart freebie and at my in laws house another dove dry spray different scent from the one I recieved here found out the one that went to my in laws is the one that dove did a survey to try awhile back, they finally were sent out , I am a dove member which I get to try out new products.

Today all the reviews should be done, the ones stated above will be done as soon as I recieve the electonics to review. I will post pictures. Right now at 8:02am The baby is sleeping and I dont want to turn my work station on.

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