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Well I have new reviews coming this weekend , dvd wedding set, blood pressure machine and some computer stuff
opeAlso a few companies emailed me to review for them maybe and hopefully they asked maybe long term. Stay tune this whole week of new reviews cant wait. Also some books ( I purchased myself) that will be reviewed in the next few weeks šŸ˜€

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Songs going through my mind

1. If I didn’t have you by Thompson Square(my husband and I’s wedding song)

2. It won’t be like this for long ( dedicated to my little Alexia)

3. Mockingbird ( dedicated to my little one Hailey, pure heart meaning behind it)

4. See you again ( missing the ones I love the most)

5. If you say so ( Greatest Lea Michele song from her Lounder cd, Tribute to Cory Monteith, the song is so powerful with the words!)

My favorite right now I cant get enough of is #5 If you say so,

Hope you like the selection my playlist. I dont own any of the these songs nor the videos.

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Mail from week for the past 2 weeks

I had a pretty good mail week so far, waiting a alot more, everything pictures was free. Either by reviewing, winning, or using survey money or survey Gc. My husband also does surveys so he bought me stuff with his personal survey stuff. So here comes all my goodies. The stickers on my laptop were free using amazon gc from surveys, The Eberle metal name on the laptop was from a freebie from Toyota, I finally got it after 8 weeks of waiting. Stay tune for the reviews which are being done as we speak. Also the Jean Camera Bag was free from Kodak they were giving them away and I ended up winning one. Check out the free stuff section here on my page and you will find tons of freebies. The Monistat came from being a All you Reality Checker that was also a giveaway they were giving a 1000 away a day for I think 4 days. My mailbox is always over flowing abd my mail man is super cool, he leaves all my packages in a USPS plastic box if I am not home he puts the packages in the bin by the door. If you have any questions dont hesitate to email me at, also if you know some groups for review maybe we can trade off our secrets to companies.

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