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Trond usb car charger


This is a 50w Quad (4) port charger. This is quite amazing as, I have at least 2 of these that are for power outlets, but I haven’t yet to seen one for the car until now, I am quite please with this product. My husband and I each have a cellphone, of course we do now a days everyone has one lol, but the point I was getting at is, There have been times where the both of us forget to charge our phones, and we tend to fight over who will get to charge their phone first. Well with this Quad – port charger we don’t have to fight anymore. In fact I am able to charge my tablet as well and still have 2 ports open in case someone is with us or if we are going on a trip and we are able to charge his tablet , or the kids tablet. But, right now my husband isn’t able to go on any trips, but I still manage to keep it in the car for emergency or in case I am going somewhere and in dire need of it.

I received this free in exchanged for this review.

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