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I love Evianspray, I love how it hydrates my skin, leaving it feeling healthy. I love that the minerals in products, its meant for all types of skin, combination, oily and even sensitive skin.
When it comes to makeup you can blend it with the makeup to give that extra glow and dilute it, upon researching I came to realize that many professionals dilute the spray with makeup products to give a glamorous look to the stars.

Most of all this is a great product believe it or not upon reading its great for babies. This is what they say about Evianspray used on baby’s in quotations. “Perfect for gently cleansing baby’s sensitive skin (bottom, face and hands), with or without cotton pads. The leak-proof canister is suitable for the nursery or diaper bag! Babies love the fine cooling mist of hypoallergenic, pH neutral evian® Facial Spray. Tested under pediatric control, and used in maternity hospitals.”

So, to me there is many uses for this product and I feel wonderful using it as my everyday routine. But, when reading the website more about the product I was amazed all it can be used for.

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This is my opinion on the product it is truthful and nonbiased.


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