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I have tried multiple e-cigs within the last year. I started out by buying the Juul, the price to buy the starter kit was 53 dollars. it came with the juul, 4 various cartridges and the charger. the pods were small, and for a 4 pac of your choice flavor was 20 dollars a set. which was reasonable. I was not pleased with how long the pods would last. so then I kept getting coupons to try the Markten ecig for a $1.00 I have purchase a quite a few to stock up on them. I did not like them after awhile but i kept using them cause I smoke cigarettes ouside and use the ecig inside the house. so i wasnt going to have them go to waste. The flavor didnt last long while the battery charge did, i was not pleased with this one, so recently I got a email to try the Vuse ecig, I had the option to try the Circo or the Solo kit for $2.00 with free shipping. I ended up getting the Circo with the Mint flavor. It came with the device, 3 cartridges. and the usb charger. There were some down falls as the cartridges didnt last long, I went through one in a day. The plus side is the Mint had a nice crisp taste, it wasnt a stale taste.  I didnt take long to charge. The cartridges are reasonable price in stores. I have to admit so far in my opinion the Vuse is my favorite so far. I am always in the lookout to trying new ecigs as they come out for a discounted or free in the future

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