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Trojan Bareskin Condoms



I been with my husband for 8 year married almost 2 years, We have 3 beautiful children , 1 is my stepdaughter. We usually don’t use condoms, we only use them certain times , is if I have a yeast infection but am on medication for it, but the doctor told us because I am on medication we can still have intercourse. But, to use condoms, or if I am cramping getting ready to start my cycle but haven’t started to bleed yet then we use the just incase I end up starting in the middle of intercourse. We have tried many Trojan condoms, we have tried the esctasy, intesify basically any arousal with lube kind or without lube. When we got the chance to try bareskin condoms, we didn’t know what to expect. How would they feel? Will they make my husband loose his erection,cause there have been times with other types of condoms that he will loose his erection. So, we decided were going to try them out , I had my sister in law if she would watch my youngest while my other 2 were in school, so my husband and I could have alone time. So, we started to get into the mood and we ended up putting a bareskin condom on, I was shocked beyond belief with these condoms. When we were in the moment he never lost his erection, and it felt like he didn’t even have a condom on, the condoms were thin and it was lubicated, so it was easy to slide on, and for not having to getany lube to put on me. I am happy with these condoms and will be buying more of them.




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