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Trojan™ Lubricants Arouses & Intensifies Lubricant 3.0oz




I am a huge fan of Trojan, I love their products and I can rely on the lubes, vibrators and other get into the mood products. I am part of a community that I get to try out amazing trojan products like lubes as you can see in the picture all the way up to Vibrators. I love lubes, I have tried many lubes for massaging all the way up to the intense feeling lubes. I am getting older with age being 31 and starting to show signs of menopause. So, my sex life has been decreasing, which I feel bad for my husband. We been together for 8 years married almost 2 and he puts up with me not in the mood. So, now that I am part of the trojan community this has liven up our sex life increasly. They recently sent me 3 products to tryout and the 1st one I am going to talk about it is called Trojan:Lubricants Arouses & Intensifies Lubication. I fell in love with this product. They sent a  3.0 oz bottle which is a full size bottle. I like the community as they don’t send samples of stuff ,it is full size products. I love the smell of the lubication, it doesn’t have that rubbery or I don’t know how to put it into words like a nonscent smell. All you need is a small amount to place where you want to put it, I can’t say vulgar wording even though this is a sexual community. I have reviewed a few items and used a few sexual words and they denied and I had to rewrite it. So, let me go on!! As, we got more into the mood, it aroused me so crazy that I just wanted to rip off his clothing and it didn’t help much as my sweet wonderful husband was watching 50 shades of grey with me lol. The moisturizer in the lube not only aroused me, but when he was using it has a massaging it Intesifies the arousal more. When we got to the point of intercourse with this the intensity was so significant I never had a orgasam like that in such a long time. Not only does my menopause interfering with our relationship, but I also have to go through a hysterectomy which is another issue. But, trying to find the time to be just us together is tough as we do have 3 children, 17 months, 8 and 9 years old. Thankfully there is this commuity where we now find the time to have our 1 on 1  quality time together.




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