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4 Baby Bandana Drool Bibs + Pacifier Clip Review



I have a little girl who is a year old, I was accepted into reviewing these adorable drool bibs, as my little girl has 5 teeth and she is getting more teeth in and drooling more. I have gone through so many bibs and cause of her size she is hard to get the regular bibs around her neck. I like how soft the material is of these bibs and how they look like little bandana’s they are soo adorable, they come with 4 bibs, Red, Yellow, Black and Grey. My little one loves the so even teethes on them they are so soft. We really didn’t use the Pacifier clip as she was off the binkie at 6 months old. Now being 12 months she eats by herself and she will grab one of these bibs and put it on her head and we will be like you silly little one, you have to unbutton it and she will giggle. I have to say 1 thing these bibs are the first ones she has owned and not wanting to take them off her neck. The material is amazing and washable. Unlike the other bibs we have the back of the bibs are plastic like and when washing them they tend to stick and not wanting to come apart or she just does not like them. With these they are always with us at least 2 in the diaper bag. My little sister is going to have a baby soon and I will be considering buying her a set cause I know if we fell in love with them she would to !!!


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