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I am a mom of 3 girls my youngest is 8 months, Full time stay at home mom who works at home, While taking care of the baby I love to review products doesnt matter what it is. I feel like I would have a good input as being a women I can use things that a man can to(well some things lol), But I feel with my blog my voice is important and its a way it can be heard. That is why I went to review all types of products being almost 31 I am a mother and a wife and my family and friends come to me since being a reviewer. Before becoming a mother I was a product reviewer for adult only products and now being a mother the everyday products or more trustworthy and important. This is what my blog is about family.


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My 2 beautiful girls on the end, and the little one in the middle is one of my amazing nieces. I have a new born baby girl. They are my world. I am a 30 year old hard working mother, I am mostly a stay at home mom, who I do run a small business, so I can spend time with my children. My 2 older girls who are 7 and 8 go to school, I have a loving husband been with him for 6 years and married a year, he is a loving father, we both raise our new bundle of joy :D. I couldn’t have asked for a better family. In when I am not working and the baby is resting , I spend my time reviewing everyday products and I am very family orientated. I feel my unbiased opinion is the future of my blog. Bookmark my page and you will find new products and fun filled information daily and up to weekly you will not be disappointed.

This is our newest member of the family

alexia nb4

Alexia Teresa Ramona Eberle
weight- 7lbs 16.2ounces (37 weeks)
length- 20 1/2 inches


Here is my princess at 18 days old

18 PIC7


when she was a month old

chubby 3weeks3days new1



stunning with daddy


I love being a mom , having 3 children , 1 being my step daughter, I have a loving caring husband who would do anything for this family,

My 3 month old is starting to teeth, oh how fun with sleepless nights but every minute is worth it, Children don’t come with hand books but I can tell you that they are God’s greatest thing he could grant a women. I would give one up for anything in this world, I would die for each and everyone of my children, and to which I dedicate this site to my husband, children and to friends and family who stick by me every step of the way.

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