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All Bottle Brush 4 Piece Bottle Brush Set

bottle brush

This couldn;t come in anymore handy then it did. I have a 20 month old little girl, and the regular baby brushes the nipple or sippy cup to is hard to wash with the regular brushes. This package came with 4 bottle brushes and I tend to get a new bottle brush every 6- 8 months, I like how small the bristles are, it get deep into the plastic sippy cup drink sprout, so it can be cleaned very well. I like that it really gets a good cleaning of the cups , all the germs and bacteria that combines into where a regular bottle brush that is meant for the top of the cups not the cups themselves, I would really enjoy getting more and stocking up on them and keep a set at my mother in laws house and a pack in the diaper bag in case we go away on vacation. There is nothing bad to say about these they are perfect,

Disclaimer: I received these either free or at a discount in exchange for a unbiased review.


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