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Baby Proofing Child Safety Locks for Cabinets / Drawers (6 Pack) by AngelicWare. Adjustable Cabinet Latches, Easy to install, No drill, 3M Tape, Temporarily Removable. ChildProofing for your Home

These are terrific, I love how you just peel and stick and your all set where they cant get into the cabinets unless the pull hard and make it unstick. I just bought a cherry wood tall 4 cabinet shelving and I have a magnetic lock inside the cabinet and the outside I have the latches. My husband even has a hard time with the latches cause it has to press the to grey buttons for the latch to pop off , I have notice that baby safety has been becoming more and more durable , but on the other hand you just can’t rely on baby saftey you still have to be a parent and watch your child. I love these latches and think every parent or caregiver should own some.

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount rate or free in exchange for this review


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