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I love music, its a big part of my house hold. We play music for all occasions to clean, to get ready for bed. I am a mother of 3, I have a 8 yr old step daughter and a 7 and 6 month old that are biologically mine. Its hard to listen to music these days as the music industry has become inapporpriately. My children are in love with Frozen. Thats all that is on there Christmas list this year. They have the movie and they are always on Youtube playing Frozen songs for their baby sister. I am a member of Tomoson and when I saw there was a opportunity to review the Frozen Lullaby cd. I jumped and took a chance to see if I could review it, when i got the acceptence email stating we were chosen I flew and told the kids that it will be coming in the mail. When it arrived they wanted me to play it right away. I could not believe how well put together this cd was, even though there was no words my 2 older children knew the songs. When they are at school I will play this cd for Alexia who is only 6 months old and she loves it, I will rock her while it is playing and she will fall asleep. She is the type she is a mommy and daddy’s little girl, and once she is asleep and we try and put her in the crib she will wake up, thats when the cd comes in handy, we will play it and carefully put her in the crib and let the cd play, and it will keep her in a sleep sometimes all night. My 6 month old loves music, she mostly loves country music if anything. She gets that from her uncle,  my mother in law told me that when her son was little he loved music , it was the only thing that helped him sleep. My little girl has 3 uncles and she gets the music part from her youngest uncle, She gets from her 2 older uncles and daddy electronics. She loves electronics and music. I was very pleased with this cd and I would recommend it to any Frozen fan or any new mommy or daddy.

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