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Baltic Amber Teething Necklace – KG Baby Review.


I received this free of charge, for a honest review , Sorry it took so long to write the review as my husband had major hip replacement surgery and I was alone taking care of 3 kids ages 10 months, 7 years and 8 years old. When receiving this, I felt it was a god send. My 10 month old has been teething since she was 7 months. Ever since I could remember she was always chewing on my necklaces. so when I had the opportunity to try the Baltic Amber teether necklace. I couldn’t wait. What I liked about it , it that the necklace on indents to wear it slides on the gum line for easier gliding and teething. Plus when doing research on the amber it helps natural numb the gums to give them a soothing and relaxation when their gums hurt. I found out from many moms to be and moms who have teething children that this are the best they have every invested. Also, not only did I get this teether but I got a blue silicone circle on a black nylone cord for another teether that came with it.

Once again I received these free for this review


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