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Bella Sunshine Plastic Intellect 3d Maze Ball




This is way too cute, it s ment for babies to toddlers.It says for ages 5- 12 but I feel if your child is gifted it can keep them busy for hours. It helps them motivate with concentration. Its made of ABS and PVC material. Chemical attribute of PVC is soft, it’s not thin or flimsy. Note: Please do not kick or throw this ball, it’s a puzzle toy not a sports toy. And not suitable for kids under 3 years.But I feel its up to the parent to find it suitable for their child Color Varies 3D Puzzle Maze: Maneuver a small marble around challenging barriers inside a large, transparent sphere. The maze is full of twists and turns, it will help build confidence and let them feel they can over come anything they can put their little bran to, I feel it could be for everyone.


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