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BLACK FRIDAY SALE! 50% OFF Baby Car Mirror for Back Seat From Little Route, Easy to Install 360° Rotation for a Full Rear View, High Quality Soft Frame and Shatterproof Glass. Best Mirror in the Market Guaranteed. Get the Safest Product for Your Baby!

I have to say this is a perfect 360 degree backseat mirror to check on the little ones, It’s just not for babies, I have a 16 month old, 8 and 9 year old, and my 2 older ones fight all the time, so having this is in the back seat I can see what goes on at all times. I like how it easily snaps right on to the back of the headrest. I also love how it adjusts to fit snug and tight so, it wont come loose. I have bought many mirrors for my car to see my little one when she was a baby, and every one of them had a horrible film type material that it was made out of, even if you tried to clean it you couldn’t see the baby. Where this mirror is perfect, as you can see in the picture and if you copy paste the youtube video you can see how nice and clear you can see out of it. But this is my review on the Baby car mirror.

Disclaimer: I received this at either a discount or free in exchange for this review.


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