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Contixo Kids Tablet

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Tablets are becoming more advanced and popular then desktops and laptops. It is coming to the point now that kids of all ages are becoming electronic inclined. The more I see with tablets is having Parental controlled. They are not very controlled and it worries me what my children can get into, my children loves games, you tube ad it worries me that they can get access into anything they are not supposed to , which worries me as a parent. I recently saw that came out with YouTube for kid which gives me a s sign of relief , that they can’t get into anything they are not allowed. As, I am a blogger I pitched to companies to see if they have a low rank to of customer reviews to see if they are looking for more reviews for a 5 star rating. That is why I contacted many companies and one got back to me for my honest 5 star ranking review.

So, I am going to talk about this wonderful Contixo Kids tablet that is fully parental controlled. They are so many perks to this tablet. To install anything you create a 4 digit pin so they cant get into anything they are not supposed to , it is already pre loaded with 20 plus games, it has a 8gb storage of ram. You can also place a tf card tp make more room for storage. The tablets come in many colors as I chose a pink one. This tablet is meant for age 3 and up and I have a super smart 18 month old who plays on our smartphones , tablets so we wanted to look for a tablet for our 18 month. she works on our tablets and smartphones, but there is so much about tablets that you don’t know what you will download and what will happen, I bought my 2 older children tablets, when we downloaded porn downloaded on them so we were skeptical on getting out 18 month old one. So when I pitched a company to review ad try out the Contixo tablet. We fell in love with it, the parental controls are amazing, we can put a code in to access the google play. This is a must have for any parent looking for a safety parental advisor tablet for kids, My 18 month love it, I included pictures and a video and Also it comes with a extra 6 moth warranty. Plus the glass has 3 layers to protect the tablet from falls and breakage,. It comes with a manual that teaches you and advises how to lea up the parental controls and helps kids lean from a young age all the way to teenage years. This is a lean as you grow tablet.

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount rate for this honest unbiased review.


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