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DBPOWER 46 PCS Magnetic Building Blocks Magnetic Toys, Educational Construction Stacking Sets


This is the most adorable building set I have came across. Most building sets are Lego type blocks. This set is 46 pieces, it includes triangles, hexagons and squares and a set 2 separate pieces that has 2 wheels on each each side if they want to make a robot or a rolling project. What makes this set so unique is I have a 22 month old little girl and she likes stacking the block sets that she has, with this set its all magnetic , that we can make 3d shapes which she thinks that is the coolest thing. We like more educational and learning toys with her at this age. We started so far learning the Alphabet and numbers, so when we saw and looked into it we decided its a great opportunity while she is having fun she can be learning. I like how she can learn and play with this magnetic set, it also comes with a book pamphlet that is a descent size. that has over 30 projects you can teach or build together. The price I wouldn’t mind paying full price if I had to cause she is so into these I was surprised as she rather play with these rather the her Legos or Mega Building Blocks

Disclaimer : I received this for a honest non biased review which My 22 month old helped me review


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