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Despicable Me Minions Toddler Dinnerware 9 Piece Set, with Official Minion Forks, Spoons, Plates, and Cups

This is such a wonderful 9 piece dinnerware set. I love how its heavy duty plastic. My daughter loves to throw her plates, bowls and silverware. I love minions and Yes I am a adult so when I saw this up for review I have my finger on the refresh button to try and get and once I hit the button boom I got it, I love how the plate sits on the table with a ring around the top, so it stays in place. The bowl is perfect for your little toddler for her or his cereal or oatmeal. It come with 1 long handled spoon and 1 long handled fork. Then in a seperate pack comes with 2 more short handled and 2 short handled spoons. It also comes with a cute toddler beginners cup in my opinion that has minions all around it. This is a perfect toddler beginner set.

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount rate in exchange for this review.


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