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Easy@Home 3 in 1 Non-contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer for Baby Adult and Child – Forehead, Surface and Room Temperature, Clinical High Accuracy, FDA Approved and Pediatrician Recommended,NCT 301

I love this thermometer, knowing I can check my little ones forehead without having to touch her is a dream come true. This is not all it helps with, it tells you the room temperature, so that way I can check to see if its the room that is warm to make her warm but, if the room is not hot and she is warm then I know its a fever. Since owning this I have been checking room temperatures before I check her. It also does a surface temperature too, I like to know if something is warm before I touch it, for instance if a metal chair is outside and its sunny I will check it before I sit on it cause I don’t want to burn myself :D. Also it shows 3 colors, green means its safe, or no fever, Yellow means a little hot small temp, and red is hot or fever. This is really worth the price I have to say.

I received this at a discount price in exchange for a review.


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