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Emma the elephant from Baby’s first network



I was super excited to be able to review Emma, My daughter who is 1 loves the baby’s 1st channel, When I had to order Emma with the promo code I didn’t know how big she would be, Sometimes stuffed animals about this price usually is disappointing, but I have to say I was shocked when this large box came to my door and I opened it and saw how big Emma was. Not only was she a surprising size, but she was also super soft like the microfiber type material. To wash her do not put her in the wash or dryer , take a damp cloth and spot clean her. My daughter is in love with Emma and has to have her sleeping next to her at all times. This was very worth the price and put a major smile on her face. Emma is a must have for every Baby’s First fan of their animal collection. I am looking to buy more of their products.

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