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Fisher Price Little People Disney Princess Klip Klop Value 3 Pack

I have a 15 month old she is just the cutest thing you ever saw. I love Disney and I want to introduce my little one into the Princesses I grew up watching and what better way is to introduce her to 3 of my favorite little Princesses. This set comes with 3 princesses on horses, 3 slides, and 3 buckets of fruit and veggie flop for the horses to fake eat. I love how you can take the slides and they snap together to make 1 big slide. My little girl loves to watch the princesses gallop down the slides and she laughs and gets all excited to hear the noises as they gallop down them. I got this set at a killer price. When you receive these they do come in there only little box together.

Disclaimer: I received this set at a discount rate in exchange for a review.


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