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Forstyle Baby 100% Organic Bamboo Towels, 12″x12″ with Hook, Perfect Gift for Sensitive Care, Ultra Soft Baby Bath Washcloths 6 Pack No Dyes, Eczema & Sensitive Skin. Boy (Blue & Green)



I love organic products for my 20 month old , she has been using organic bibs, towels, baby soap. So when I got the opportunity to try out the 100 percent bamboo Organic baby towel wash cloths. I was super surprised how well these are, my daughter even enjoyed them. Compared to other wash cloths they are pretty ruff and she says ouch when I was her. I even tried one of her was cloths and they are pretty ruff and they not comfortable. This Organic Bamboo wash cloths, they have a little loop to hang dry. As soon as I put it in water it absorbed quickly. As soon as I put her soap on the rag it made the wash cloth much softer even while washing her I asked her if these are better and she told me yes. I can tell as I was washing her it wasn’t hurting my hand nor was it rough. I like how the cloths are wrapped in a bag but each wash cloth is tied elegantly , you get 3 blue and 3 green which I believe they are neutral colors, I have a girl and she wears blue and green. I will put this on my wish list. In fact since there is extra I will be giving my 2 older children to try out to see how they like the wash cloth the there poof sponge.
There is nothing bad about these I love everything about them and price don’t matter when it comes to safety for my children,

Disclaimer: I received these either free or at a discount price for my own unbiased honest reviews.


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