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I was selected from many applicants to do a review on 3 games for preschoolers, 2 are I tune games and 1 is a google play game ,  they are free apps for a limited timed.

The first game I am going to discuss is Preschool and Kindergarten baby books, songs and early reading toddler games. This game is created by ABC games , it helps develop early stages of reading and encourages them with vocabulary and helps with recognizes patterns in a fun way through games. Not only does it have games , but it has many books also , you can either read to them or the app can read to them also. Which helps their vocabulary and understanding to pronounce words. Also, to keep them entertained there are pictures on every page of the story, which kept my little one really entertained. Another great feature with the books when having them read to your little one is that it has a professional voice to it, not like the typical ones you get that ,are very childish. What I enjoyed about the reading part is when she tapped on the screen it was very interactive. which is very rare when it comes to baby / toddlers apps. Unlike other apps you can record your own songs and stories and play them back. Alexia my 8 month old loved this feature.

1. iTunes:
Preschool & Kindergarten Baby Books, songs, & early reading toddler games free

preschool and kindergarten


Not only does it just have reading it also has songs which the words are on the bottom of the screen so they can see the words and helps them recognize the words later down the road, They also have card games with animals and we played around with them, As I have a apple device and my husband has a android he would like to see this on a android device. Plus this App grows with your child from baby to the kindergarten stage.

2. The next Itune App I will be discussing is 123 Tracing Numbers: Montessori math game for kids.This is a action packed can’t keep your fingers or mind off it game, I have a 8 month old who was playing it, and then my 7 year old got into it, as she is dyslexic, This app is all about numbers and how to trace them , when a number comes up you trace it with your finger and if it don’t come out right you can keep trying , after you successfully trace a number it praises you which I like cause it give the children encouragement. Not only does it teaches numbers it also teaches symbols like plus and minus. It also seems to me it teaches greater than and less then kindergarten perspective. Also, if your child is having troubles it gives them encouraging hints, doesn’t give them the direct answer but a appropriate hint to help them find the answer. It also helps them with quantity and quality. The down fall I see is with this app is it expects a little too much for a preschool kindergarten age child.

But, here is the pros to the game, more then one child can have their own profile, lets say you have 2 children, they each can have their own profile so they can’t mess where the other person is at, meaning one person, may be at a higher level then the other. It also saves where they are at it, if they have to leave where they are at, they can pick up later where they left off.Fun surprises and verbal encouragement that keep kids coming back for more, also it has frequent repetition designed to help children learn numbers and their sequence, so it can keep jogging their memory so if they see the same thing over and over again, it helps build their memory.

2. iTunes:
123 Tracing Numbers: Montessori math game for kids
(Normally $3.99, Free for a limited time)





Those are the 2 I reviewed for Itunes app for free, Now I am going to discuss the google play preschool kindergarten app.





I downloaded this on my android tablet, I was truly amazed on how much interaction this game had compared to the Itunes apps. This one is also developed by ABC Games, but I felt this is more for actual toddlers and advanced babies! Not only will they learn about numbers and letters matching, but they will also learn about shapes colors. The counting with numbers , the reading helps with the writing and the shapes helps with the fine motor skills. If these games weren’t free, as they are for a limited time I would go with this application, as it has over 200 interactive worksheets. It also gives more encouragements for the children. I feel this is based on for children under 5 getting them ready for preschool and kindergarten since some start at 5. I feel the Itunes are more advanced and that is okay to a extent, but the android app lets them work at a pace, it helos them with small hints but they are easy, where the Itunes gives them a hint but is more difficult.


3. Google Play:
ABC Preschool Games for Kids
(Normally $2.99) FREE now!

I feel this day and age schools are pressing the kids to a extreme extent with schooling. I have 2 children 7 and 8 besides my 8 month old and the home work they bring home blows my mind cause I didn’t start doing that kind of work until I was in at least 3-4 grade, I feel they expect to much of our children and not everyone can afford to pay for tablets for their children to get the extra practice. I have to say I am fortunate that at age 2 my 2 older kids had kindle fires , cause we wanted them to know about technology, due tot he fact we knew that’s where  schools were heading. My 8 month old uses my tablet which I use a android due to their are more free apps compared to Itunes and you don’t need a credit card or something attached to it to be able to get free games, I use my mothers Ipad cause that is what my kids use while they are at her house, they are basically teaching her how to use it, and she noticed herself, just to get something free , she has to put a billing card on file where a android you don’t. Yes Itunes has certain games and apps that I wish android has but I know eventually it will have it on their system. I am just happy I got to review these applications before they went back to a 2.99 to 3.99 price.


I could tell major differences between the 3 and if I had to choose if I had to pay for one I would go with the Android applications.

Most of all I am just proud to be among the group of individuals selected to review and take part and test these amazing apps no matter how they were with my children , most of all my 8 month old. This is my opinion, its not biased as some people would disagree, but everyone is entitiled to their own opinion and I stated mine!

Thank you for this amazing opportunity I got to share with my youngest child and my older children who helped out to teach their little sister the different ethics in math, reading and so forth,. This was free inexchanged for my honest opinion.

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