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Magnetic Child Safety Cabinet Locks by AngelicWare (6 Pack) – Invisible Baby Proofing Latches – Disable Option, 3M Adhesive, No Tools / Drill Required. Childproof your Home Now!

I can tell you no matter how much you saftey proof your home you always have to keep a eye out for your kids, cause these days they get smarter and smarter. So like I said never rely on safety proof alone still be a parent and watch them. I have used so many safety kits to keep my kids out of stuff. I have a 17month old little girl who loves getting into cabinets. I have the cabinet latches on drawers , under the bathroom sink, under the kitchen sink, anywhere there are chemicals or hazards she can get into, I even have them on a night stand that has my 8 year olds medications, she is a disabled child that is on growth hormone shots, and I have to draw up her medication with a needle so that is all I need is for one of my 3 kids to get into that stuff. I never knew or heard anything about magnetic cabinet safety locks, until I went to a family friend’s house and she had them all around her house. I asked her about them and she said they were the best thing every invented. She showed me how to use them. There is a latch that has sticky tape on one side and on the other it has the latch, you place the latch on the top of the inside cabinet , she showed me to use a ruler that way it can match up for when you place the circular magnet on the inside door . So, when you close the door it locks. Once it is locked you can’t get inside the cabinet. It also comes with a circle with the sticky tape on the other side to stick it somewhere so you can place the magnet key on there so you don’t lose it. I feel much safer and for the prices they ask for , I feel they are very well worth it.

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount rate in exchange for this review


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