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Math Flash Cards Numbers 0-50 with Addition & Subtraction Symbol Cards

This is a great educational deck of flash cards, There are cards from 0 to 50 which shows the numbers and if you turn the card around it will show penguins. Which is really interesting for beginner preschool age children they can start out by counting the penguins, as they get older they can start by seeing the numbers. When they get more advanced you can teach them addition and subtraction. Your probably wondering how, well there is a plus, minus, equal cards. If you want to get more advanced there is a greater than and less than card. This is a one card only, to do the greater than and less than you have to flip the card to make it greater than or less than. You can see it in the picture. I really like this deck, I have 3 kids 16months , 8 and 9. Which they will have a easier time to learn , mostly for my 16month old we can get her started for when she can reach preschool and we can use the penguin side to teach her. But, above all this is a great educational gift or its perfect for extra learning practice.

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount rate for in exchange for this review


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