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Mommy21 – Baby Bandana Drool Bibs, Absorbent Cotton Cute unisex gift pack of 4



These are so adorable unisex bibs, They come in a pack of 4 bibs, 2 of the bibs are one is blue whales the other ihe us sd and and the other 2 are cute as can be. The first one says Daddy and me , and the second says mummy and me, I like how the are coming out with the bandana bibs rather then the original ones. I remember when I had my first child they were just regular velcro and if anything got on to the velcor they wouldn’t stick ater awhile. That is why I like the bandana types which has adjustable snap clips which I like cause it grows with the baby. Each bib had snaps one at the tip on the bib, and if you take 3 fingers from hr tip of the bandana you will get the second snap enclosure. I like how soft they are and it didn’t irritate my 20 month olds skin, which makes me happy that she don’t break out compared to other bibs,

Disclaime: I received as a discount rate in exchange for a honest unbiased review


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