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I am a moms meet ambassador , Its a great site where you can apply to host parties with other moms, the supply the products to test out and hand out samples and they even send the host a special gift which usually is the full size product.

I applied to the Mommy’s sweet bliss and when I got the acceptance email I was super excited. As being a new mom I like to try natural and organic products with my children. I have 2 older kids and as of June 6th 2014 I became a mom once again to a new baby girl. I have a lot of friends who have children especially babies and trying to find products to help soothe them are hard to find. With my 6 year old when she was a baby I tried Johnsons and Johnson lavender scented bedtime soothing. It only helped a little she was always fussy. I passed out the samples and the moms told me it worked wonders, it soothed their children and helped them fall asleep faster.
So, I tried it on my new baby girl
I used the soap first, The scent wasn’t over powering like some soaps for calming are. It was gentle on her skin and didn’t leave a sticky or dry residue. When I started her bath, as she can;t be in the tub I had to sponge bathe her. She gets fussy with the water as being a baby I am sure when the water hits and the air hits at the same time its cold. When I placed the soap on the wash cloth and started to wash her she calmed down, she cried a little bit not as heavily like she usually does.
When I dried her off I used the massaging cream, like the soap the scent was nice soothing and calming even for me. It made her relax, it went on gently and you don’t have to use a lot, a little bit goes a long way. As I started to massage the cream on her she started to drift to sleep. Her eyes became heavy.
Before putting her into her pajamas I noticed on the third bottle which is the calming spray you can spray it on clothes, blankets , bedding and around the room.
I sprayed one squirt on pj’s and blanket and sat in the rocking chair and rocked her to sleep. She fell asleep in about 15 minutes.
I liked these products a lot, it calmed her and soothed her for a long period of time. Which as being only almost a week old is pretty good. I think I found the products for her for soothing. If your going to buy the soap I recommend buying all 3 products. Its well worth it, I really liked the fact the scent last awhile. When the following morning came along, I could still smell the sweet lavender scent and was pleased to note it really does work and its safe and natural. My moms who received samples were as happy as I was. They went out and purchased the products and used the coupons along with it. I told my pregnant mommies to add this onto their have to have registry gift list.


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