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i love helping family members and friends. MY cousin related to me on my husbands side, was chosen for her first moms select party mission. She recieved her box and I am a little jealous , but were family and we tend to stick together. We share almost everything from clothing to make-up, to tips to raising our children. I have 3 children 8,7 and 7 months., She has 2 a boy and and girl the boy is 10 and the girl is 4. When she was chosen for the preschool princess party. Her daughter told her mom I love that you applied and how did they know i LOVED soFIA :D. SO, she told her mom she wants to take her kit and have a get together for her new baby cousin which is my little Alexia. She watches Sofia so much that we have it recorded daily on our DVR. Her party kit was crazy unbelievable. Put it this way when Maria mentioned no 2 boxes were the same she was not kidding. MY cousin is crazy herself. So, your probably reading this with antipitation to find out what she got. I am posting the pictures and below the pictures will state what was in the kit itself!

IMG_20150122_161449 IMG_20150122_161440 IMG_20150122_161427


So here is the fun part what was in her box?

* 2 Pack of tiaras

* 2 Containers of Sprinkles for the cake

* 2 Palace pets ( Tangled and Mulan)

* A set of Frozen nail polish

* Sofia cosmetic set with lip gloss and lip balm

* Sofia snack stand

* Nail files

* Sofia tabe decorations

* New Disney movie CInderella buttons

* Mickey cake pan

* 2 Packs of Sofia paper cups

* Stack of chore charts

* Sofia table cover

* 10 packs of photo paper

* Sofia wands

* instructions for the kit for the games

* Doc Mcstuffins take home boxes

* 2 Boxes of tea

* 2 packs of big Sofia plates

* 1 Pack of Sofia Napkins

* 2 packs of Sofiia snack pails

* 10 Luggage tags

* My ribbon barrette maker

* Tye DYe cake mix

* Wisk laundry sample

* snuggle fabric was softner sample

*Smiley face for the pin the smile on Mickey

* 9 rolls of Sofia stickers

* Sofia sandwhich bags

* box of crayons

* Sofia coloring book

* 12 Sofia placemats

* Tub of All laundry pacs.

My cousin doesn’t know like blogging much and she can’t stand having to work blogger. She knows how much I am a hard worker on my blog and that i pay for my hosting and domain, so she asked me to put up what she got and as the party starts , she wants me to post what happens.

Thank you for checking my blog out


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