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Nimnyk Premium Diaper Bag Pink Girl Baby Bag…


This diaper bag is perfect, I know the price looks a little steep but it is well worth it very durable. It has a changing pad inside also, a plastic bag to put dirty diapers in it, it has 2 pockets outside, a major pocket in the back. When you unzip the diaper bag there is a divider to separate diapers and wipes from juice, milk, water or formula. I use this sometimes for the baby who is 17 months old but she has so much I have to bring with me with toys, drinks , snacks and clothes , that I just use a back pack, and I use this to carry my phone , wallet, folders and my agenda for appointments. I don’t care how much this cost it is very well worth it. I love how its Pink and stripes and most of all the owl on it, which I always believe that owls are good luck.

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount rate for exchange for this review.


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