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bebé owl waterproof quilted Bamboo crib mattress pad

IMG_20150221_150533 IMG_20150222_005544 IMG_20150222_005657 IMG_20150222_011417 IMG_20150222_011428 IMG_20150222_011434

I was selected from many applicants to review this waterproof crib padding that goes over any size crib mattress. Their are so many things I love about this padding. Not only is it waterproof but it is also protects against mildew , bed bugs and dust mites. I am very protective over my baby girl and the fact that it is also Hypoallergenic gave this padding a A+ moms approval. It fit very easily on , but I would suggest stretching it out a bit or you could have a small difficulty putting in as one side will pop up as soon as the other side after a few tries of that we gave it a stretch out and it ended up fitting perfectly, also placing the top cover sheet when changing her bedding fit right over the bamboo mattress pad. Below is a video we took it is also on youtube of us putting it together and me talking about how much we love the protection our baby has in her crib!,

So with out further ado here is the video


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