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Pure Guard- by Swaddlez


I am a mother of 3 , my youngest is 10 months. I have neve knew how much hard work it was washing sheets and bedding after my little ones soaked through the bedding. I was able to try out this matteress protector. I was really pleased how it protected my babies matteress. I never had one with my 2 older children when they were little. But, I wish I had. This protector not only protects from stains and messes, but also it protects against bed bugs and mites. If your in search for a protector I would go with swaddlez, it was easy to take on and off and wash. My baby loved to sleep in her bed. It was padded for extra comfort on her matteress. I did wash the bedding before putting it on in a warm wash cycle as I do with every new bedding or clothing. I like to have a fresh scent, I am not crazy about buying or receiving new stuff with the plastic scent or the new scent, due to people do try on clothing so , I like washing it before. But, I have to admit I can rely on Swaddlez for my baby’s crib needs.

I received this product free for in exchanged for a honest review.


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