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School Bus Collapsible Toy Storage Box and Closet Organizer with Storage Hood for Kids

I have a 2 year old little girl, she is one crazy toddler.She has to have her room cleaned at all times, she hates having a dirty house. So when I saw this up for review, I thought maybe she will like this one like she liked the tiger bus. I have a lot to say good about this box. 1. It is very sturdy and durable. 2. There are 2 storage spots on this bus, one underneath the hood and the other is under the roof of the bus. I can hold all your little ones favorite toys. She likes putting all her new toys she gets into this,and her big football toy box for her older toys. Were in the process of buying our first house and what we like as parents about this is, we can put her toys in a box and this is collapsible so we can put all her boxes for her room labeled. I am super happy that storage units for kids have been being made more durable so the kids are less destructive of breaking them.

I received this at a discount rate in exchanged for a honest unbiased review.


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