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Seventh Generation Baby house party

As a mother of 3 the youngest is 13 months, I have many friends and family come together and have play time with the children, as us adults talk about what is safe the developments are babies are going through. I have hosted seventh generation home parties a few times with my other moms and moms to be, We never knew until using these products how safe they are. I am so pleased with the dishwashing liquid, I dont have red swollen hands compared to others, I use the laundry soap and my baby dont break out , same as with the diapers. I am so pleased that I would love to host another party as we now have expanded our group to which we now have almost 30 moms and their kids. I do this not just for this children to adapt with others but a free time to have fun and trade mom stories and techniques. So please consider the Brighter Beginning mommy group for this opportunity.

The party kits are free if chosen to host.


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