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Vivo-biniya Baby Girl’s 2pcs/swimsuits One-piece Swimwear and Cap 3-7t Zebra (4T)


I love zebra print, I have a 21 month old little girl who is very advanced for her age. She has to have her teeth brushed 3 times a day, a shower every other day. I give her a bath time fun with her toys 3 times a week. She has a budda belly and my husband and I go for full piece. She weighs 34lbs and she is already 3ft 3 /2inches. SO, we got her a size 4t suit which she loves, everytime we go outside and play with the water hose she has so much fun. She loves having her hair put up in a bun and have her swim cap on , she just looks adorible. The reason we got the size we did is we didn’t know if it would shrink , but to our surprise it didn’t shrink, and it fits perfect with a little room to grow. We are glad we had the opportunity to review this suit, as she is only 21months my husband and I didn’t want to post our baby in a bathing suit for everyone to see, were overprotected parents and being her age we feel there are too many predators out there surfing the web and could come across little kids in bathing suits and such, that is why there are no pictures of her in the suit.

Disclaimer: I received this free in exchange of a honest non biased review.


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