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Well Beginnings Diapers


My moms were thrilled for this party, I only invited moms that were pregnant and had babies who wear up to size 4. As a mom who has a little one who is almost 3 months old and wears 3-4 diapers. Many of the moms could not believe how durable the diapers and wipes were and that they were for sensitive skin. My little one Alexia has severe sensitive skin. The diaper does not leave rashes or redness compared to Luvs and up and up. The wipes the moms loved and when we tried them some of the wipe brands our children would cry and let me tell you they didn’t cry , my little one was smiling during diaper changing and that made me a proud mom. My husband and I tried out the baby wash and she didn’t have a reaction or anything. These are sold at Walgreen’s and they are great for the price. I was thinking they would be expensive, but they would fit into anyone’s budget. I passed out the coupons and most of the moms loved them and used them. The best part of the party was the fun filled goody bags they got and I made, they each got 1 of each size and a package of wipes. They said this was just as great as the sweet bliss bedtime wash sample party but even better.
Thank you Moms Meet for choosing me to be apart of this wonderful party kit.


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