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I am a member of group callled ADG through amazon. I get discounted products at unbelievable pricing. At, the time there were multiple products to choose from. My hand are always cold and I am always using my tablet. So, I thought maybe for the discount price I would get 2 products in 1, my hands warm and easy to use functions to use on my tablet. There were some pros and cons to this product, Yes it kept my hands warm, but on the other hand it was a task trying to use it on my smartphone and tablet. It wouldn’t capture the link nor what I needed to do on the devices. I feel they were only good for the cold weather. It may work for others as I have very small hands and my pressure to use them wasnt strong enough, but maybe someone who has larger hands with more of a grip could use them , I am not a biased person but those are the pros and cons to what I feel about the gloves. They are more for cold weather as they really kept my hands warm.

As I said before I got these as a discounted rate for a honest review.




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