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bluetooth keypad for laptops, google tv, android tv and Ipad


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This is a really neat invention on technology these days, the Ipazzport is compatible with many devices such as Pc that has bluetooth ready inside, if you have a bluetooth ready Android tv box,Google tv box, bluetooth xbox360, It will work with anyone of those. This remote fits nicely in your hand. I have little hands so for me it fits perfect not too big and not too small. For instance I am using my Laptop with Bluetooth capabilities for an example with this review. When you take the back panel off of the remote to put the batteries in you want to take the bluetooth doggle out and insert in into you pc, It will take a few minutes for you laptop to recognize. When it is connected you will see the bluetooth icon in the lower right hand corner in the task bar. You want to turn the device on by switching the power switch on and press the bluetooth reset (fn1 and fn2 together) you want to press it until led light blinks.Which means the device is ready to go. To get it going on your pc after you did all of the above you want to now click the start from the control panel or task bar. Do not press the reset button again while paring as it will disconnect the keyboard and you would have to start all over. Once you see the bluetooth keyboard appear under the bluetooth pairing list, you want to click it and the click next. It will set you up through the wizard, and get you completed When you are all done the led light will shut off which means your good to go. You will do these steps to each of the devices you want to setup, Make sure your blue tooth is off when you set up each device, cause I endedup learning that if I didnt turn off my bluetooth on my laptop it kept connecting to it as I was trying to set up different devices.

I really like this mini keyboard as it it much easier to use, as I like to hook up my laptop to my tv with my hdmi cord and having to get up and down to push play or pause. If I am looking at a webpage and I have to get out of it, it saves half of the time , where I can just use the remote and it does everything I need to do instead of getting up, I can just sit, as it has a small mouse pad like a laptop does.

I am really happy with this product and I will be probably searching to get another one for my husband for his laptop since he had complete hip and knee replacement and he is hard for him to bend down each time


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