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Wireless Bluetooth adapter



I was very thrilled when Taotronics emailed me asking if I was interested in reviewing for them again, and I was all for it, I was more super excited when the product was a blue tooth usb adapter. As most of my electronics are bluetooth now the only one that isnt is my laptop, and My laptop is my baby I do everything with it, I write my reviews keep in touch with my family and everything. It get frustrating when I use my High def digital Samsung camera with Hd capability and is bluetooth which everytime I need pictures off of it I have to take the memory card out to upload the pictures. With this Usb device I can connect my camera up to it and get any picture without having to take the sd card out. Another great feature is my phone and printer are also bluetooth capable so if I need something off my phone or something printed and I am in a different room Having the adapter I am able to print or transfer from a different room. This is a must have to make a desktop or laptop bluetooth ready if its not already. I love this small feature it makes what I have to do on my laptop a lot simpler. Set up is a breeze, there is a link where you can download the drivers, but on my particular laptop all I had to do was put it in the usb slot and it dowloaded the application for me.


This is my own opinion and my own words, but I received this free in exchanged for my honest review.


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