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AGPtEK U3 8GB MP3 Player, Music Player with USB Flash Drive, Recording, FM Radio, Supports up to 32GB, Black

I have noticed Mp3 players haven’t been around much sine Smartphones have taken over. I like having a mp3 player on hand so, that way my phone dont die so easily with having music playing all the time. Also, I wont have to worry when I clean house the kids don’t have to listen to my music or my phone is at risk of being damaged by getting near water or dropping it on accident. When I came across the 8gb mp3 player with a option to expand it to 32gb with a TF memory card I had to admit , it caught my eye. I did end up purchasing it. Not cause it was a 8gb mp3 player, not cause it took a TF memory card. The reason being is, I have yet to see a MP3 player that had a USB drive that I could hook up to my computer and be able to load my music on that way. I have to say I dislike having to keep taking out the memory card and loading it to a enclosure to load the songs and taking it out of the computer and putting it back into the MP3 player. this way. I am able to load, listen and turn on and be on the go. It is so much easier than I expected. I also like that when I put my TF card and turned on the player I noticed it says the name of the songs. The player itself fits into the palm of your hand and it has a cover to protect the usb part. To put the battery in (yes it takes 1 AAA battery not included) you take off the protective cover slide the back off , insert the battery and the same way you took it off you will put back on. To turn on the MP3 press and hold the play/pause button and it to turn off you will do the same. I really like this little device. I have to say it is a lot better than I have ever expected. I did add on the bottom here pictures of the device on how small it is, I hope you like this review and help you decide if it fits your needs , and if it what your looking for in a MP3 player like I did.


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