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Amir [2-in-1 New Version] Apple Watch Stand Charging Stand Holder for All iWatch & iPhone Edition – Aluminum Made




I really enjoyed reviewing the apple watch stand, Its much easier having a stand that charges the same time and the price is very reasonable. I like that its a stand and a charger at the same time, that way you will always know where your Apple watch is while it is charging, Also upon reading the back of the box I notice it is not just for Apple watched, it is compatible with Samsung, HTC, sony and any smartphone watches,I like that it is lightweight and minimal and sleek design.My smart watch is fully charged as right now. If you can see in the picture the smaller end that is black has a little long space inside of it that is to place the charger so you can charge while its on the stand, I am not charging it but you can see how it sits on the stand,. I like that this is compatible with other smart watches , and a cellphone holder as well. This couldn’t be more perfect if you have a iwatch and a smartphone. I love it,

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount rate in exchange for a honest unbiased review,






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