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aoTronics® RGB SMD Led Strip Light Kit(16.4ft, 150 LEDS, 24K remote & 60w Power Supply, Waterproof)





I was chosen to review these lights, I saw the picture and could not wait to try them , with all the pretty lights I thought they would be perfect for the babies room. I have to say I was a little disappointed, I went to plug the lights in and all they did was stay a solid red, I did contact the company and they were amazing to respond right back, they told me it could be the remote. So, they sent me the new remote to test to see if that was the problem. Once again a solid red light. I know much about electrical cause I am a computer network and it a little like that if there is a bad connection in just the tiniest spot you wont have a connection you want. So, once again I did contact the company, and once again awesome costumer service. They are willing to send a single strip of lights to try to see they will work. So stay updated and see what the outcome of these lights will be. So, i reveived the new strip yesterday, tried the new remote and everything and they still stay solid red. I think they are really unique, but Some people may like it,but my honest opinion, they do not work for me.

I received these free for a review from Tao Tronics and I have to say great customer service but just poor lights.


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