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Arcadia(TM) (1PC): Magnetic Universal Car Mount Holder ACD-MAG-1


I love my I phone with out a doubt, when I got the opportunity to test out the magnetic universal Car mount. Here in the state of Florida it is illegal to text or talk while driving. I don’t do that for 2 reasons I follow the law and for 2 the safety of my children. When I received this I was shocked how durable and easy to put together this was. So, how does this work your wondering?

Well there is a magnetic sticker that attaches to the back of the phone, and then there is a piece that connects to the vent of the car. It makes it a lot easier having it magnetic so you don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding all over the place. It stays in place in the air vent. I couldn’t expect a better product for my I phone. If you love to talk and drive then this is the best product I would have to recommend to all the individuals that can not live with out their phones while on the go and driving.

Thank you New Trent for the amazing option to review this great technology for the new phones coming out..

I received this free of charges for a honest unbiased review.


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