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B-Trek H9 – LS-4560 Bluetooth head ee


I love blutooth items, I feel you get your monies worth it. I have many types of bluetooth devices.I have in ear headphones, over the head phones. I even how shower bluetooth devices and a donut device bluetooth. I feel bluetooth is the coming of age in technology. reason being is due to the fact having the audio inport jack connected to everything and walking and having to carrying everything hooked to the headphones, Thats when bluetooth headphones come in play. All you have to do holdthe pair button and make your Bluetooth device is set to on and not off, once you start to pair it wil blink red and blue untilit says connected. When Sentey asked me to review the B-Trek H9 – LS-4560, They come in a nice back color, also they fold nicely and comes with a nice trendy carrying, which i great for when you pack you dont have to worry about them breaking.When you first get them out. I have to rate these on he op 5 bluetooth head sets, i have inear headset, over the ear, shower bluetooth and a pink donut bluetooth device. I love bluetooth cause when your working or doing reviewing. I love to listening to music, Also when you have these connected to your cellphone, there is a button on the side to answer the call and when you hang up the msdi,contiunes to play.i can honsetly say, I have would own a pair of bluetooth head phones.THey ae very worth the price. Sentey wants around 130 for these where amazon wants 49.99. Price does not matter to me its the durabilty, the crystal sound is what look for, I like in ear head sets but trying to find the right set of ear buds to fit is a hassle. That is why I mostly go for over he head, but latey I have notcied that bluetooh in ear phones are going towards the smaller ears.

Thank you Sentey fo the discount to review the amazing set of bluetooth headset.


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