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Beyond Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Bluetooth Neckband Headset Wireless Sweatproof Sports Running Earbuds

I have a obsession of rechargeable headphones, I like that they are hands free, particularly they fit behind your neck, so in my case I like riding my bike and they fit nice and comfortable around my neck and into my ear with out having to worry they will fall out. Also they come with extra silicone ear buds so that way you can find the right size to fit inside you ear canal. I like how the band fits nicely around the back of the neck. It also comes with a usb charger so you will never go without a dead set of head phones. I suggest these kind of headsets rather than one you plug into the head phonejack as they are comfortable, fits nicely and great to wear around the house while cleaning and not having your computer or phone with ought so they dont get damaged.

Disclaimer: I received these at a discount rate in exchanged for a honest non biased review.


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