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Bluetooth car kit

car kit

Bluetooth Car Kit is amazing, its simple to use, as long as your car a a AUX port you are able to this amazing technology device.

So how does this work your wondering, well you hook it up to the Aux port. The Bluetooth is 4.0 receiver that is compatible with almost all smartphones and most Bluetooth electronics. This is ideally for  home or vehicle audio systems. What I really like about this device is lets say your partner is listening to music and you don’t like it, you can connect your device to this system without interrupting their calls or music. Your in control of the volume, playing the music which if you dont like the song playing you can skip it with a push of a button. This is not only can be used with android but you can use this with Apple using the Siri program.

If you talk on the phone a lot the allowed time on one charge is 7 hours , if you use it on standby it lasts 200 hours. I love using this with talk and listening to music because it is full of clarity . In MY OPINION I HAVE NOTHING BAD TO SAY. This is my unbiased opinion it works great for me,but someone else my think of flaws. I don’t judge cause it can work great or it wont work at all for others.

Disclaimer: I received this free or at a discount rate for this honest unbiased review


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